Change is good.

Wrapping up thoughts around Library design this morning, pushing into Coterie concepts. 

A few takeaways:

Change is important necessary inevitable. 

Where I start most likely NOT where I will end.


At least most of the time.

As I lean in and spend more time considering how 1220 needs to be multi-faceted hard working functional, I am constantly faced with the challenge of tendencies proclivities in design that are habit. Pushing myself to see outside my comfort instinct sensibilities is invigorating.

While I may land back in my


I am confident the process has been productive and will inform final schematics.

Initially, the Library mood board depicted bold colors, looking for large scale comfy couches meant for sinking in and staying awhile. But as I thought through our need (also) for space that people could sit and work and connect comfortably, I debated the wisdom behind

deep dark moody.


Perhaps our foyer will lend itself to deep dark moody while the Library invokes


with depth of color from art furniture textiles.

Conceptually not original. The uniqueness will be


in what we 


Sourcing one of a kind, found pieces makes orderly timely decision making concept finalizing quite difficult. Most of what we curate will have resided somewhere else

- maybe a few some where elses -

The hunt then becomes the best of adventures

- while searching, you are at the mercy of whatever is out there in any given shop at any particular time -

Hard to plan - which works for me.

Discover. Journey. Adventure. 

Funny how those words describe my approach to design/renovation.

On a more personal candid note:

this is why I never really figured out how to design interiors for other people. 

Honestly, I failed epically. 

Those failures, I believe, have helped me step confidently into this next venture. We need to fail. Truly.

Failure's refining humbling work births some of the best in you and me. Moves us to the next phase and chapter with a bit more

wisdom discernment gratitude and grit.

All of which I will gladly and thankfully receive - arms wide open - as this moves me a bit more inside of my Maker's shadow. 

After all, it is for Him and unto Him that I seek to do. Not with a bunch of notoriety and attention.

But rather a spirit of service.





No less power in those words but rather clarity of purpose. 

Looking forward to sharing more on all of the above as we spend time examining exploring 


Can't wait to see where we land.