Get over it.



So much love I have for the design process. Dream peruse scout stalk consider decide reconsider change. This happens with OR without a major project in hand.

I just really like to create.

Alabaster is the biggest project - by FAR - we have taken on, and truly cannot express all the feels currently around 1220. This place of unsettled unknown how do we make this historic beauty something so very special is absolutely invigorating.


The process has always been one that happens within my private little space. All the mis-steps mistakes etc. remain within the Locke’s 4 walls. And that feels pretty good. To simply share the end project is relatively easy.



This  JOURNAL and my commitment to share the steps insights possibilities with you has pushed me. Instinct says - self preservation - only share the final choice - don’t bounce around so much - make up your mind - why can't you figure this out - stay hidden and wait for finished project in anticipation of “well done” “wow this is great” 


In many ways I am a pretty private person. My friend titled me a social introvert. Probably right. SO to share what feels to be so personal while longing to engage with you all from the start tugs on my sensibilities. 

Time to get over it.

Way over it.


So, lets talk


We have two front rooms, both sized 14 x 16. They will be rooms for very small intimate gatherings, meetings, etc. My initial thought was to make them feel like family rooms. Super comfy seating and a place you simply can PLOP - Sink in. Feet up.

Stay a while.

But the idea of a working WHILE being comfortable space leads me to consider more dining table/chairs let’s get to work kinda room.


This would mean the Parlor becomes that comfort zone. A place to work but a different approach in terms of design. BIG BIG sectional and quite very big coffee table?  A couch and a few comfy chairs? For now, tackling the purpose behind the front two rooms of 1220 has me all sorts of meandering.

Not a bad thing, really. It's a refining process. Considering function over form is not my strength. Typically it really is all about the look and feel of a space and (fingers crossed) I try to make sure it will actually work!!



As a business, and attempting to do more than simply design a beautiful space, function tips the scale…

only by a little.

But still.

Function on the brain as I weigh the pros cons and neutrals of Alabaster’s LIBRARY space. 

My goal? By next week, a clear sense of direction for this space.

Recognizing all the while

Change is good.