Growing Home


HOME is where the heart is.

HOME sweet HOME.

There's no place like HOME. (3x)

HOME away from HOME.

Sweet HOME Alabama. (!)

 We happily honestly confidently speak of HOME in the above ways, but what is it REALLY about


For many, it is often a mixed bag when it comes to reflections on home, but for now let's examine the best of all things


It's invitation for us to come and let down our guard.

Safe. Comfortable. Refuge.

A place where we can take off the things that hinder burden and weigh us down, bringing levity as needed. 

A space that allows us to explore the world with those we love best, through conversation that often leads to invigorating debate but ALL the while shaping us in the most meaningful way.

An environment where world views are formed, in hopes of spurring one another on to dream


To make great impact as we recognize we are a very small piece of this


not insignificant

but not at its center.

My home growing up was complicated. Not picture perfect - as no home is.

But it is imperfection that creates some of the best things about you and me. This is reflected in our person, place and thing and how we relate to all three.

As we engage in the renovation of 1220, this idea of HOME is pushing and pulling, tugging and insisting on taking the best, worst and everything in between that informs our sense of HOME. Approaching 52, I feel the strongest urge to share the things I have learned in building HOME-S for our family over the last 27 years.

Many mis-steps, admittedly, as I unfortunately learn best through failure, my hope here is to ultimately exhort those seeking intentionality around HOME to consider first and foremost the immense gift it is to have a home, let alone the capacity to create something unique and special. Keeping knees bent - recognizing humbly the gift of four walls is not lost on us -  let us consider how we can best steward what we have been given as we journey through all things HOME.