No island here.



All the dreaming and planning and praying about this project has been impactful on  many levels.

When Kevin and I decided to take the leap and purchase this property, we really were on the same page.

This is not always the case I can assure you.

Honestly, that is often one of the ways we know to move forward on any given opportunity or situation: 

Like mindedness.

We are both quite strong, stubborn, determined, and when we are NOT on same said page, it bodes poorly for us both. We eventually get where we need to be, but not without a few bumps and bruises along that particular path and process.

More on that another day.

For now let's just rejoice that God saw fit to have us like minded from the start. 

Praises all around.

As our excitement grew and preparations began, one thing absolutely UNEXPECTED?

The number of Like Minded people He would add to this small but mighty team of two.

It takes a village, absolutely YES it does, but we were not anticipating such a quick strong palpable response to this endeavor.

This is where mission takes shape. After taking a leap into the unknown based on what you believe in your core you ought to be chasing 

- in other words - 


God  - swift and sublime -  draws others, known and not known, your way.

This has happened over the years countless times for Kevin and I, and is always the most energizing portion of our story.

I cannot wait to share with you the people who have jumped on board and have really understood what it is we are trying to create with Alabaster. For now, know that there is no island in this story.

We need one another to create impactful meaningful life changing narrative.

Grateful beyond great that more in this case means