Looking for a new word to replace 


I get it, it is explicit and has a clear identity. But as with many other words today - ie -

community, gathering, connecting, creative/s, influence/er, curated, vintage

It has also lost (some) of its meaning. 

But until I find a new word, I want to talk all things 


right here, today and on going. Mostly because that is simply and concisely 


At minimum anyway.

But for this here and now, Alabaster is host to people endeavoring to celebrate commemorate invigorate in a space that belies pretense. 

Come as you are.

Leave better.

Comfortable yet curated (yes new word please)

Sensual in terms of inspiring.

G rated property maybe PG.

It is familiar without having been seen.

Essentially it is all your wildest dreams coming true

Well, that is our goal anyway. More more lots more to come on this topic and this venture to venue uniquely in a way that is genuinely meeting need.