Whatever and all that we have requires conscientious investment, management and a rightly prioritized relationship to said possessions. Things -stuff, pieces, clothes, shoes, cars, art, objects - accumulate, coming and going with the ebb and flow of circumstance, so being keenly aware of the "here today gone tomorrow" possibilities drive home the immense importance of 


I grew up experiencing the haves and the have nots. Somewhere in the economic up and down of our family, I came to know the Giver of all things.

Most important, the Giver of Life.

My heart in this space on the blog is to share the tension between stewardship and ownership. Understanding the blessing of receiving and the real deep joy of giving. No punches being pulled here, as living in First World conditions can blind and dull mind and heart.

Let's talk candidly about this and encourage one another to run a race that is marked by a sense of other-ship.

PS. Since I am writing, I get to make up words.

This is not about pushing guilt or peddling self righteousness, I promise. Rather it is an invitation to consider living a life given away. Spent for PEOPLES in various PLACES that speak to the limits of THINGS as sources of ultimate joy. There is tremendous opportunity for invigorating challenging discourse around this beautiful topic of stewardship and I long to invest time here.

With you.