1220 7th Avenue.

Built in 1870.

Two previous owners.

AND we are happy to be the third.

It would seem that history does, in fact, repeat itself, as this will be our third 100 + year old home we have had the privilege of owning and one of many spaces we have renovated over the last two decades.

This property is a BEAUTY.

Very VERY little has been done to this Italianate styled residence over the years - shocking, truly. When Kevin and I first walked through this space we were blown away by how little updating had occurred and how much had been preserved. Incredible moldings, woodwork, flooring, soaring ceilings, a gorgeous staircase, original doors, fireplaces in almost every room, ohhh lemme at it!

One of the (many) perks of this home is its location in Germantown, a wonderful neighborhood just outside downtown Nashville. Mixed use zoning will allow us to use this space for more than our personal home - looking forward to sharing more on that topic in a bit - and THAT gets me pretty pumped! It really does feel a bit surreal to own such a cool historic property in Nashville. Invigorating, challenging and honestly a wee bit the best of ways...if that is possible?!

Thankful for this upcoming adventure, and truly believe it is a privilege to own any home, let alone one with so much history and patina and potential. Stewarding well what we have presses in on my heart as this new chapter begins. Here, I will share regularly our plans for all things Alabaster 1220.