We were built for relationship. No islands. No autonomy permanence.


People were created to connect.

Don't get me wrong, I am a social introvert. 

I need solitude.

But I need people more.

So do you.

Alabaster, in part, was born out of a desire to create space that insisted on connectivity. Details that speak to a genuine need to gather and meet and laugh and discuss and challenge and celebrate and experience and wonder about the ultimate beauty of God's goodness in creating 


21st Century living has created some obstacles - not intentionally - of this pursuit. Heads down technology- of- choice focus makes eye contact conversation secondary. No intent to lecture, as I am quite guilty of this myself.


Alabaster wants to challenge this narrative, in the best of ways.

At any point in time that we personally believe our toys and tools matter more than living breathing face to face interaction, we are at risk of becoming less than what we were created for. 

Far less.


We want to challenge that paradigm. And we are on a journey to do just that.

Here we will discuss that journey with honor and respect, candor and honesty. 

Plainly. Simply. Hope-fully.

Love for you to come along.