Home is multi faceted in its implications. 

For some, it is nostalgic in the best of ways. For others, far less good. Maybe for most, some combination of both. 

Either way, home shapes us. 

 The walls of home and all the goings on, people, things and how we relate and engage impresses and shapes our world and world view.  

This has always fascinated me. 

Here I want to deep dive into all things HOME. Design, culture, people, family, all things taste smell touch sound sight, intentionality around all the above. Layers of all that we hold dear, consideration of our limitations, and how we play to our strengths while willingly working on our less then strengths.

After all, this ought to be the safest of place for you and me, a place to discover who we are, and candidly, who we are not. 

Honest dialogue surrounding perfect imagery on networks, social media, etc trending in 24/7 loops that paralyze many of us simply trying to create a space that has personal meaning, beauty and purpose - I wanna have that conversation.


At Home.

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