Where two or more are gathered.

This is good.

Especially when they have the same end goal in mind. Differing skill sets, journeys, passions, world views, possibly.  But ultimately seeking to align in a way that creates some THING they may not have been able to do apart.

Or alone.


Integral as we formulate a mission and rhythm to Alabaster, fully certain we cannot - or simply choose not - to go it alone. Our heart beats arms linked, eyes focused and ears inclined to  environment that insists authenticity in each and every detail and moment created. Too much noise has birthed a desire for genuine dialogue regarding living well and with purpose. Creativity, Intentionality, specifically around gatherings and community, will be central as we hope to establish a unique space where you can share your God given talents in an effort to inspire those around you. 

Much more to be said around collaboration and the platform we hope Alabaster gives to you as you chase your dreams with focus and awareness that there is far more to life than just creating an Instagram moment. The why, the beauty beneath the pretty is what we desire to expose and elaborate on as this mission grows...