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Alabaster Collective

For over 20 years our family has purchased and renovated several historic spaces.  Century old homes, an old skating rink, a 200 year old barn and a few more unique homes in between, Alabaster’s origin started organically, focused on originality comfort and  hospitality. After our move to Nashville the idea of taking a years old passion and spinning it into a business resonated with the Locke family.

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Colleen Locke


Bios are funny. No one - mostly - wants to spend time talking about themselves, accomplishments etc, so I will make this short and sweet, intending to cover a long span of years in a few sentences...hoping we can sit and chat more deeply if you feel so led.

Married to an amazing man, mother of three incredible adult children, I am journeying into a new season of life at 53. Alabaster Collective is a culmination of years hosting people in a variety of homes and spaces, mentoring women in said places, passionate about design of these spaces and fully believing we were created for relationship - and all of the above happening in our HOME. Home shapes us, informs so many things about who we are and what we ultimately become. SO the idea of Kevin and I renovating a 150 year old home in Nashville and opening our doors to host multiple people for a variety of reason and purpose, resonates deeply with us both. I feel we are just getting started, so as we launch the opening of this 9th renovation, be sure that we are already searching for that next special place…



1220 7th Avenue North

Nashville, Tennessee 37208